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  • arekhn: @Nailik: um thats ok but this version is incomplete (and im not finishing today becouse i alredy made 5 chapters xD)
    el 11/01/2014 Ver →
  • Nailik: @arekhn: Ahhh, ok. Thank you for the info! :D In this case I prefer to read this version to improve my English :)
    el 11/01/2014 Ver →
  • arekhn: @Nailik: Actually im translating it :) spanish version here: http://staydead.subcultura.es/tira/2 (first 2 chapters have bad drawings but then they improve…
    el 11/01/2014 Ver →
  • Nailik: Why in English? You can do also in Spanish, I think than is better for you, because you need only to change the worlds in your computer, right? You know,…
    el 11/01/2014 Ver →


Épico Fantasía Misterio Sobrenatural


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Death always chase on our beloved ones, but Trisha, a 17 year old witch would not let his father go so easy..


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